Keep Building, The Bear Doesn't Last forever

Hello Everyone,

As we all know the best time to grow in crypto is when the prices are down or when people are selling. Smart investors learn to do the opposite of what the majority are doing, the reason they are few as compared to the lot on the other level.–TheOneConstantInTheEverGrowingCryptoEcosystem1024x597.jpg

Opportunities always comes and go but the problem is letting them pass over us repeatedly with grabbing it. I learnt the hard way when it comes to opportunities the reason this days i'm always all in with building, staying on track and been consistent so as to achieve my set goals.

Here on Hive it is noticeable that the number of active users are a lot less when the prices are down as compared to the bull season. People struggling to earn or get more units when prices are high. You get more unit of a token when prices are low and in the case of Hive you earn more HP than HBD now in post payout which is a good thing.

I am sometimes surprised when I see people quitting when they ought to be maximizing certain opportunities like for instance, the low prices and bear market right now. We must change our attitude and mentality when it comes to building for the future if we intend to do much better than we did yesterday.

Nothing of great value comes cheap, we must learn to develop thick skin irrespective of the market, grab the bull by the horns by putting in the work. I admire people who have been in the game for a long time. Consistency is also a quality you imbibe. In the long term it is sure going to be worth it.

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