pSPS-POLYCUB: Multi-Purpose Bridge with value accrual channels

Hello Everyone,

It's been quite an exciting time over at polycub since the implementation of V2 vault sometime in April. Following the impact and level of adoption that came with pHBD, the leofinance team decided to introduce pSPS


pSPS is the wrap version of the popular play2earn game Splinterlands utility token SPS on the polygon network. It's introduction spells good things for PolyCub stakers and Splinterlands players.

Like it's predecessors pHIVE and pHBD, pSPS was introduced to create more value for holders of Polycub through the 5 value accrual methods and add more utility/use case for the on-chain Splinterlands in-game token.

Just as it is with pHBD, PolyCub also intend to maximize it's revenue through wrapping and unwrapping fees with pSPS. 0.25% wrap and unwrap fee = value accrual for PolyCUB's PoL. Looking at all of PolyCUB's Multi-Token Bridge Theory, it makes me excited about the future

Why pSPS would be beneficial for PolyCUB V2 Vaults

One thing that the introduction of pSPS brings to the table is its adoption. Been quite a popular game with it well known on the Binance smart chain and on polygon. With pSPS, PolyCub intend to add more value to Splinterlands community and in turn get exposure to the world out there.

Unlike HBD which have some liquidity problem, SPS is readily available at various exchanges thus giving pSPS the ability and ways of gaining more value.

Also with Blockchain gaming gaining lot of attention in the crypto space, pSPS could serve the entrance to lot of values for PolyCub V2 vault.

PolyCub really need all the support it could get especially from the Splinterlands community to achieve it desired purpose.

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