SPS on PolyCub- How to Wrap SPS to pSPS and provide liquidity

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The leofinance team has done it again with another game changer after introducing pSPS on the PolyCub DeFi.

pSPS goes live barely 24hrs after the announcement on Twitter. This is really interesting update for play2earn game lovers Splinterlands and the PolyCub DeFi.


How to Wrap SPS to pSPS

  1. Visit the landing page https://wleo.io/sps/
  2. Input your Polygon address and amount of SPS that you intend to move over.
  3. Then your hive username, you will be required to complete the process. You can do that by sending SPS to p-sps on hive-engine or leodex and then include address as memo


pSPS contract address - 0x28cEAd9E4ff96806C79f4189eF28FC61418e2216 if you need to add it to your metasmask or trust wallet

Adding liquidity to the pHIVE-PolyCub Farm

  1. Visit https://polycub.com/farms then go to the farm, locate it and click get pSPS-POLYCUB you'll be redirected to the pool on sushiwap
  2. Then add corresponding value of pHIVE and PolyCub then proceed to approving pHIVE and add liquidity
  3. Lastly, go back to https://polycub.com/farms then approve contract on the pSPS-POLYCUB, add LP to begin farming.



There you have it, easy steps for getting in on the pSPS-polycub pool. APR currently sits at 107.78% with liquidity at $31,776 just barely 24hours after launch. Exciting stuff. You don't want to miss this


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