The Power of Starting small


Hello Everyone,

It is the desire of everyone to achieve massive success whether in your career or business. Doing this requires starting from somewhere, no matter how small it may seem now and staying consistent.


Every great success started with making small steps, the more reason we must appreciate our walk and journey while pushing towards our goals. It is all a process. We must never forget that.

I believe we are all familiar with the success story of Steve Jobs and Apple, Jeff Bezos and Amazon and several other top business doing great today. They all have some things in common which starting small and growing over time.

There is a reason why growth takes time. We must learn to appreciate our little beginnings. A wise man once said, The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Don't be deceived, your little efforts matters.

There are many advantages of starting small. It helps build our confidence. We don't often value things when they come easy. The hard-work we get to put in achieving little goals is a source of motivation, that builds our confidence and keeps us going for the journey ahead.

Eexperience is the best teacher. Starting small helps us to grow and pivot better. You don't get to be the great without passing through certain experiences. Learning from them is what helps you to manage success when it eventually arrives.

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