Batch 2001 Reunion


Yesterday, my high school classmates and I celebrated our 22 years together. Since the epidemic began, everyone has been waiting for this very time. Many people were quite pleased to reconnect with their old classmates, instructors, and high school romances. It was a full-day celebration with tons of activities including games, karaoke, food and drink sharing, competitions on TikTok, giveaways, and more. Our Supreme Student Council President, together with the incredibly helpful section representatives who took the effort to invite their classmates to the reunion, made this occasion possible.
Despite the typhoon, we did not anticipate this event to draw over 400 attendees. Everyone, especially those who properly ended their high school love relationships, appreciated the reunion, I'm sure of it.
I even had a friend that says, she attended the reunion hoping that she’ll find her forever after. I loved joining reunions like this because this is the time when I can bring back old memories with these people with whom I shared my journey during my high school days.
Our silver anniversary, which will be in 2026, will mark the occasion of our following big reunion. I can't wait for that to happen since I know there will be a lot of planning involved as we want our classmates who aren't in the Philippines to arrange their trip around our reunion.

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