Twinning with my Daughter



Is it just me who loves to do twinning? I know fashion trends come and go but some trends stay forever like twinning or matchy-matchy outfits. Do you agree?

On the day that I knew I’m having a baby girl, I already bought a lot of twinning outfits for us. One of the fashions that I hoard is twinning swimwear because I love the beach and I’m wishing that my little girl will also love it. How about Daddy, does he have twinning outfits too with our little girl? Well, I can get one for the whole family but I prefer to have it with me and my baby for a time and maybe in the future it will be twinning with Daddy and baby. I want this moment to bond with my mini-me with our twinning outfits because it not only was able to share a special connection but it definitely made both of us stand out from the crowd and show off our inner fashionistas!

If you haven’t tried twinning with your daughter, now is a good time to start! It doesn’t have to be matching outfits, instead, you can create a signature look by wearing the same accessories or even having the same hairstyle!

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