All about blogging! Bring it!!


Ok, so I always found writing a bit of a chore; but honestly if I get into a groove I am not opposed to it.

Sort of glad I kept that attitude, because today content creation is so valuable and writing is crucial to it all.

Now, I have never been as excited to get up everyday to put something out there, I hope others read. I'm just posting and letting my personality through my words introduce myself, being me and respecting others as I write.

Today's Day 16 of the CTP 3 Steps No Excuses "adventure" the team pivoted and moved us away from Email Marketing to focus on blogging.

Of course, reviewing the blogging module was a must. I never turn down a review. The golden nuggets, the aha moments and those juicy tidbits become more clearer when you go back with a clearer head and a little more experience to work with.

Luckily, we now blog on the blockchain. For the first time in my life, I feel like my content is worth writing without having the pressure of writing Pulitzer Prize winning posts.

Do I want to exceed expectations and become a prolific writer? Heck Yes!!! That only happens with consistent writing. I know this. I flow better the more I stick to a routine especially when it comes to posting daily.

With the 3 Steps No Excuses Day 16 putting an emphasis in not just writing a post, but using that post to provide VALUE with the links to your blog posts into the emails that you send your subscribers.

Getting them away from the constant barrage of promotions by letting them to get to know you through your writing, have them engage with you and others through your posts, etc.

The possibilities are endless when you create content on the blockchain, provide your tribe with a way to connect with you and by expressing yourself without feeling odd about it.

These lessons are valuable and I'm glad to be riding the #3SNE CTP Swarm wave.

I'm ready for Day 17! Bring It!!