Leggo My HODL


As I continue to try and get a handle of this speeding bullet blockchain, crypto and meta universes or whatever they all are called.


I remain consistent on HIVE, I post, I comment, I upvote, I invest, I watch 3Speak Videos, I witness, I delegate and the list goes on and I still feel like I am not even close to scratching any type of surface, because I always feel and know that I can still be doing so much more; but I do have a J-O-B. Got To Pay Them B-I-L-L-S.


But, this post; it's not about that. I'm loving the journey and I am hook, line and sinker - ALL IN - on this wonderful blockchain and the multitude of communities who blow my mind daily. I know it takes consistency, showing up daily and nothing happens overnight.

I actually see how that all is happening for me, by sticking to that formula. Actually, not just for me. I see it daily for many others. I'm just a beginner compared to those who have been at this for - YEARS!

The last few days, it's been quite interesting to see the dips that are happening from Bitcoin to Solana. All I have to do is look at my Coinbase account, check out CoinGecko and of course get my scoops on LeoFinance or the secret weapon of juicy info by not missing a Tuesday or Friday episode of The Cryptomaniacs: hosted by @jongolson & @taskmaster4450le

crypto maniacs.png

It's not such a bad thing to still be a cub in the woods as I continue to learn and choose to remain level-headed, because in all honesty; why am I going to panic for? Most of this shit, I don't understand anyway.

That's almost an advantage for myself, because it's teaching me the most important lesson of all. Stay the course, don't lose my shit by liquidating or worst yet; crap on every penny, minute, thought and heart into all this effort I've put in on this AMAZING journey - so far.

Yes, it hasn't been a long time; but I've been active on HIVE even during a horrible case of COVID. I mean, death was sounding real comfortable at the time.

I completed my first year this past August, but my first post was in February and I've never looked back. Everyday since then. So this upcoming February 2022 will be a full year of HIVE activity for me.

During the last few days with the big boys taking a hit, we see HIVE hovering around that buck:

Screenshot 2021-11-18 151445.png

I'm not naïve, I understand that there is a lot that goes into these numbers; that those who are not amateurs like myself. can dissect and see the good, the bad and the ugly.

Me, I'm like a kid in a candy store when we go over that dollar. I tweeted up like a madman right along with the likes of @nathanmars.leo a few days ago and even ended up on one of those hive-data/daily-twitter-data-reports and I was fucking stoked about that.

So, while all the dips and doom talk continued; I was basking in the HIVE pump, minting a couple of @hivepunks and buying more HE-INDEX


along with a bit of CTP, CTPSB, HIVE, LEO, SPI and a few others, but didn't go crazy here either as well. I just felt that taking a bit from Peter (ahem Litecoin - earned from my affiliate marketing endeavors) to invest a bit in Paul was not such a bad move.

Ultimately, as I continue to burn, earn, learn with and from all of you - amazing mentors; the greatest lesson of all, is that practicing the art of HODLING; may be the best thing, I've achieved in 2021.


“If you are stuck on anything or have any questions, this is the place to ask 😃

Also, do you have any news, gossip or scandal you'd like to share...? 🤔

Let it out!!! 😱”




Let's Gooooooooooooooo!

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CTP Content Challenge


I wish I was interesting enough to have some scandal or gossip lol. I am with you a big fan of activity on this blockchain. I also play Splinterlands which is a lot of fun and gives me more content ideas the more I play 😄