Kwara fire service recovers two corpses in Ilorin Killed by the heavy downpour



It is supposed to be a day of celebration but in Ilorin, many began with so much pains due to the heavy out pour of the rain on the eve of Friday, the last day of the month of September.
It has been reported that the kwara state fire service have recovered two dead bodies in Ilorin along the sobi road, it is reported that as a result of the heavy downpour on the eve of Friday, it was so heavy that it flooded along the bridge area, so as the vehicles were passing, this very vehicle got stuck by the flood and as the try to navigate their way out of the struggle, the got trapped by the current of the flood and they lost control into the river.

In the report given by the fire service personnel, two people have been found in the vehicle, it was in a Toyota Yaris car, that has a registration number “Reg No APP544E” the car with the help of the fire service was removed from the Asa river, the river is Opposite Olusola Saraki Abattoir, it is in the Ilorin metropolis.

It is reported that as at this reporting time, the owner or the relatives of the victims are yet to come and claim the dead bodies. Found in the car is also a copy of the Islamic religious scriptural book, amongst many other stuffs.

I am from the riverine area, and I must tell you the truth, you should never under-estimate the volume and the current of a running water, It is very possible that the volume may have been low, but if you entered, the story will change


It is reported that the team was a joint operation, again the prince Falade John admonished the general public to avoid driving when there is heavy outpour of rainfall, as we had on Friday, the downpour did not only cause loss of lives but there was so much of economic losses, like the fish farmers had so much of losses because as the water level increased the fishes in the pond, had no option than to journey with the current of water to it original habitation, espercially farmers within Areas like, Egbejila, Akerebiata, and Asa dam
While the visit to the amilegbe, Unity road bridges, Egbejila, and Asa dam axis, people who could swim had so much joy, many were seen with fishing net catching fishes that were watched awy by the flood. And people bought the fishes at a give a way prices. link here for more information

Adekunle said: “Today, October 1, 2022, the Kwara State Fire Service has removed two human bodies and a Toyota Yaris car with Reg No APP544E from a river at Opposite Olusola Saraki Abattoir, along Sobi Road in Ilorin, capital of Kwara State.
“Information has it that the incident occurred during yesterday’s (Friday) downpour when the casualties were struggling to drive through the bridge and suddenly got stuck in the flood that pushed them into the river.
“In truth, the rescue work was like a joint operation, because all the people in the neighbourhood gave their full support to the firemen throughout the operation.
The General Manager of KWEPA, DanMusa, confirmed that two lives were lost when some youths were reportedly swimming in Asa River to catch fish from fish ponds damaged by flood occasioned by the heavy downpour. Link to the details

I want to pray that the soul of those who lost their lives will rest in peace, Amen. Thanks so much to all my readers and great supporters, its an amazing thing to have you all, i hope to see you again, please stay safe. @jimmyrosy, your designer.