The Nigerian Army troops destroy over 100 bandits camps in Kaduna Nigeria


Greetings from my side of the globe, its my pleasure to share with you again on the key element that affected the Nigerian economy in no small way.

The case of bandits has been more in Kaduna state than in any part of the nation in recent times. Just few days ago it has been reported the Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, that the troops of the Nigerian army have successfully been able to destroy over 100 of their camps and on the report over 152 bandits have been killed. All this has taken place within the third quarters of 2022.


the Commissioner on Friday while he was presenting the security situation reports for 2022, covering the second and third quarters to the Governor of Kaduna State,

There has been a progressive update of situations in the state and he said that it is a notable progress

he has reported that about 152 bandits have been neutralized by ground forces that operates within the state, lets look at this reviews.

“16 bandits and terrorists were eliminated in fratricidal clashes in Birnin Gwari and Chikun LGAs, while.over 100 camps occupied by bandits and terrorists destroyed.”
I“Seventy-four (74) kidnapped persons rescued by security forces.
Arms and ammunition intercepted from bandits, terrorists and gunrunners in the six-month period were, Two (2) General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs), Seventy-four (74) AK47 Rifles, One (1) AK49 Rifle and Nine (9) Type 06 Rifles.”
“Other ammunition recovered were, Four (4) Light Assault Rifles, Four (4) Pump Action Rifles, One (1) G3 Rifle, Sixteen (16) Locally made Rifles, Seven (7) Dane Guns, Three (3) pistols, Fifty-four (54) AK47 Magazines, One (1) G3 Magazine, Eleven (11) Pump Action Cartridges and 5,398 rounds of live ammunition.”
“Traffickers of illicit substances were apprehended and their stashes confiscated in the combined period, 654 Suspects were arrested including 613 male and 41 female.
Quantities of seized illicit substances were, 2,759.891kg of Cannabis, 6558.007kg of psychotropic drugs and 0.064kg of Heroin.” Link

Going by this analysis, we will say that there is a significant improvement so far in the general overview of situations looking at the highway.

We can see that there have been a drastic reduction is the number of death related cases of the bandits and other terrorist operations across the state, the case of kidnaping has also been reduced

The effort has reported is not a one man affair, but a collaborative effort and it has brought for us the result that we have seen, thanks to the commanders, officers and all the security agencies, who have lost their sleep to make this a reality, we also want to ask for more, as we look forward to fully mitigate the challenges.

This report is still being doubted by many Nigerian, Reasons being that we have heard many report about bandits there have been many reports of bandits and other terrorist groups that could not be verified, we ask that God will come to our rescue. Amen.
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This is indeed a great news ...and I really appreciate the noble works these men do our there,ay God continue to give us victory over these uncommon enemies...

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