3 Ways To Plant Trees and Make Money in Crypto


One of the arguments against crypto, in general, is “climate change”. If you read the everyday news you will find headlines like “Bitcoin Consumes Same Energy as [chose a country]” or “One NFT Transaction emits [chose an amount of kg of CO2]”.

I’m not going to discuss these kinds of news because there are very good alternatives for NFT like Hive, WAX, or Solana and there are chains more energy efficient that don’t rely on PoW for transactions.

If you are a person that cares about the planet and wishes for cleaner and greener environments, then I will show you three options to complement your crypto investments and plant trees in the way.

Treedefi (BSC)


This DeFi platform revolves around planting trees but is not just another Pancakeswap clone. The team behind is very committed and passionate about their mission and you can notice this just by exploring their platform and looking at their roadmap.

In Treedefi, you can farm SEED and TREE tokens. Both can be used to yield farm other tokens in their pools or buy NFTrees (each NFT represents a real tree).

How do Treedefi plants trees? Pretty simple, a percentage of the fees collected in their platform goes to different partners as One Tree Planted, Treedom, #TeamTrees, and Trees for the Future. Treedefi has planted more than 36000 trees in this short period of time, which is awesome!

Homepage: https://treedefi.com/
App: https://app.treedefi.com/

Solana Staking


Solana is a chain that relies on Proof of Stake and Proof of History to secure the network. This means you can delegate SOL to validators and get rewards in the form of more SOL.

Some of those validators will charge a fee between 0% to 10% to your rewards but there are validators that use part of those fees to donate to charities.

That's the case of Ecostake. They give part of their profits to charities that fight climate change and poverty. Check more about the validator in SolanaBeach.

Cardano Staking


Cardano is very committed to environmental protection. Even they have a project called The Cardano Forest with 371,200 trees planted to date.

Similar to Solana, Cardano uses the Proof of Stake consensus to secure the network. Here we can find a variety of validators that donates a percentage of the reward pool from staking to charities. An example of those validators is CO2Pool or EcoPool.

Read more: https://www.climateneutralcardano.org/

Those are some of the options I found and I hope more come in the future. Personally, I would like to see and join more projects focused on making the planet greener and cleaner.

If you know more sources share them in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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