How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Investment

Many people would like to get free Bitcoins without investment. The faucet is the platform which will help you to earn your first Bitcoin. It is the most popular and according to many the best-specialized Internet resource that allows you to work for a result without any investment, absolutely free. It is reliable, has fast payouts and requires a minimum of action from you.

How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Investment


To register on freebitcoin faucet, it is enough to acquire a bitcoin wallet to receive payments, an e-mail account and come up with a password that is complex enough to prevent attackers from guessing it. After that, you can get to work using the full-fledged features of the service such as the freebitcoin faucet, various cash draws, lotteries, keeping the balance at interest, and so on. The official site of the project can be found at the link

Below I will describe in detail all the main actions that need to be performed on the resource.

How to get free bitcoins

Bitcoin faucets are a popular way to earn cryptocurrency because it does not require even minimal effort or investment of money. Along with this, it is also promising, since crypto rates are continually growing. It is enough to click on the Free BTC tab to be where you need to.

Free BTC

The service works in a semi-automatic mode. Money, albeit in tiny amounts, is paid based on a randomly generated number. There is a table in which all ratios are indicated. For example, with a value in the range of 0-9885, you will be able to earn 0.00000021 BTC, and if the number “10000” falls out, then your earnings will be 0.02138811 BTC.

How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Investment

You can earn money by clicking on the tap once an hour, but for this you must remember to press the button labelled “Roll”. Next, you need to wait for the next distribution, for which you can configure the appropriate sound signal. If you turn it on, then after an hour, you will hear a melody.

After you have scrolled and you have money on your balance, you can purchase lottery tickets, which can also drop out for playing the lottery. They are intended to increase your chances that the next time you roll, you will get a higher number.


If the user has a certain amount of cryptocurrency on his balance (from 0.0003 BTC), he will be able to earn extra money on the interest on the deposit. The interest rate cannot be called massive, it slightly exceeds 4.08% per year, and 0.010959% per day, but nothing needs to be done. Statistical information on this issue can be found on the “Earn BTC” tab. deposit and get free btcoins


There are ways to prove that the lottery on is organized somewhat; there are no tricks from the owners and programmers of the resource in it. To get tickets, you need to be active in the Bitcoin faucet. Potentially, tickets can be collected 2 per hour or 48 per day, if you have enough patience. Several opportunities for this are provided by the MultiPly game, taking into account the turnover of the cryptocurrency. lottery

The rules of participation in the lottery are described in detail on the “Lottery” tab of the official project website. The draw takes place every seven days, more than 180 rounds have already taken place. The money goes to those who took the first ten places.

The probability of winning depends on the number of tickets you have. By the way, the statistics of the draws are given in sufficient detail. You can, for example, find out how many tickets the winners had in a particular round. tickets


MultiplyBTC is just betting. The minimum value of this parameter is 0.00000001 BTC, and the maximum is the size of the balance, that is, all the money that the user has on the account. The amount of winning (“Win Profit”) is determined, which in this case is equal to the minimum possible bet.

Select Bet Hi or Bet Lo option. In the first case, the player considers that the dropped out number will be more than 5250, in the second – less than 4750. bet

MultiPly is a complete analogue of the game with the conditional name “More-Less”. The player selects the bet and indicates whether the random number will be higher or lower. It is argued that it is easy to prove the fairness of the game and the complete absence of any deception. The game is pretty simple to play.

Accordingly, if the number 06608 falls out, the player who made the correct bet wins. To celebrate, you can also look at the statistics that apply to the entire time of the MultiPly game.

By the way, there is also a jackpot drawn. It will be possible to win if the dropped out number is 8888. The probability of such an event is not difficult to imagine without particular calculations.


There is also betting on sport games. For every 0.00000500 BTC that you bet you get 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward points. Or, you will get 1 free golden ticket for every 0.00500000 BTC that you bet! bet on match and get free bitcoins

Referral program

There is a way, thanks to which you will start earning much more and unlimited. It is associated with the affiliate program. On the faucet website, in the “Refer” section, copy your referral link and share it with others, starting with friends, ending with many other ways. After registering using your unique link, a person begins to bring you income. Earn 25% of your downline partners’ earnings as well as 0.40% of every lottery bet.

How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Investment

How to withdraw

The earned funds are withdrawn to its owner in BTC. There are two ways to make payments: automatic, which occurs once a week on Sundays, and manual – at a convenient time for the user in the personal account. In the first case, the minimum payout is 0.0003 BTC, in the second – there are no restrictions.

How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Investment

It is very easy to get free bitcoins in Freebitcoin!

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