How to Increase Your Earnings with Hashtags

How to increase your earnings with hashtags

Many of you who have joined the great blogging platforms Steemit or Hive have probably already noticed that some hashtags look somehow special! Because Hashtag=Money! But is it really possible to increase your earnings with hashtags?

If you use social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, then you know that you can search the content by hashtags. Just click on the hashtag and you will get all posts which have that hashtag.

The same thing is in Steemit or Hive, but in these platforms these hashtags can help you to earn money even you are not a blogger, or at least you are still not so famous blogger.

What are hashtags in HIVE/STEEMIT?

There are a lot of projects and communities in Steemit/Hive. And to become a member of any these communities, you don’t have to pay any kind of fees or publish your work by their names. All you need to do is to use the right hashtag!

tips on hashtags on hive

You write and publish your articles solely on your own behalf! But in hashtags, you indicate the hashtag that is curated by this or that community. But this does not mean that all hashtags are tied to one or another community!

But I’ll warn you right away. There is one caveat. Not all communities are so easy. For example, the travelfeed hashtag should only be used when you publish an article through the travelfeed platform. No, of course, you can publish the post through any other platform, but YOU WILL NOT GET AN UPVOTE from Travelfeed community. It means that you will miss the chance to earn more.

There are other hashtags which you can use anywhere. For instance, palnet, creativecoin, marlians, neoxian, tlnt, dblog, ctp and many others can be used no matter what platform you use to publish the post. We will talk about them next time.

How to increase your earnings with hashtags?

So, now it is clear that hashtags are associated with different communities on Hive and Steemit. But how to increase your earnings with hashtags?

It is easy! Just them. Hashtags in Hive and Steemit mean different tokens which are used on the Hive and Steemit blogging platforms. And when you use the particular hashtags in Hive or Steemit and get upvotes, you earn these tokens.

how hashtags help to earn more money

But there is another thing that you need to remember. It is important to keep the token in the stake, so they will have a ‘power’ like Hive Power. Read more about Hive Power here. So, as more tokens you have in your stake, as more powerful your upvote, and as more tokens you will earn.

How to withdraw your tokens

How to Increase Your Earnings with Hashtags

You can check all your tokens on Hive-Engine or Steem-Engine, depends on which blogging platform you use. Also, you can exchange all of these tokens into HIVE or STEEMIT tokens and withdraw directly to your HIVE or Steemit account.

As you can see it is easy to increase your earnings with hashtags.

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