Yummy! My Delicious Food - White Rice, Stew, Plantain and Fish




Short Introduction


Hello everyone,
I am John by name, and I am from Nigeria. I am happy to be joining this community. I am new on this community and this is my first post in Foodies Bee Hive community on this platform. Therefore, I will like to get necessary support from every members of the community, and perhaps, inform me of what I can be doing generally on this platform to be earning while creating quality content.

My first post here will be about the food I prepared and I am going to be sharing the pictures taken while preparing it. Happy reading!


Rice, Stew, Plantain and Fried Fish


The food I prepared is white rice and stew plus plantain and fried fish. The first thing I did was to prepare plantain, I sliced the plantain very well and I put it inside a vegetable oil on fire. Then I fried it for about 15 minutes while turning it to make sire that it is done very well. The picture of the fried plantain is uploaded below.


Then while I was preparing the plantain, I was grinding pepper at the same time. I used blender to grind the pepper because I don't like to eat rice with pepper grinded with machine. The picture of me grinding pepper is uploaded below.


The picture of the raw grinded pepper is also uploaded below.


Then I put a pot on fire and poured vegetable oil on it to prepare my stew. I then put my stew on it and cooked it very well, for about 30 minutes. One thing about me is that I like to cook stew very well. The prepared stew is uploaded below.


Then after I finished cooking the stew, I fried the fish. I fried the fish twice because the pot could not contain it at once. I fried the fish very well. The picture of the fish is uploaded below.


After frying the fish, I put another pot on fire to cook the rice. I washed it thoroughly like 4 times before I poured it on fire. The picture of the rice on fire is uploaded below.


I cooked the rice for about 30 to 35 minutes before the rice is done. The picture uploaded below is the picture of the cooked rice.


Then the food is ready to be dished. I then dished the food, the white rice and stew with plantain and fried fish as seen in the picture uploaded below.


Then it is time to satisfy me soul with this good food. Hahaha.. This is the picture of me with a selfie photo holding my food.


That is how I prepared and enjoyed my food. Thank you for reading my article. All the pictures were taken with my phones.


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