5 Benefits Of Consistency


So I am starting to have some writer's block, but I want to continue writing. I am striving to be consistent, so I thought what better than to write about consistency itself.

Here are some benefits of consistency:

1.) People take you more seriously.

Consistency equals reliability. The more consistent we are, the more we are seen as reliable. When we are reliable, people take us much more seriously.

2.) Consistent people are successful

Success usually doesn't come to those who are intelligent or have the most money. Instead, success usually comes to the people who show up every day and take consistent actions.

3.) Consistency build habits that are hard to break

The more consistently you smoke or drink alcohol, the more you build a habit that can be hard to stop. The opposite is also true. The more consistent you are in promoting your business, the more you are creating a healthy habit. It can feel almost impossible to break these healthy habits.

4.) Consistency leads to progress

The more consistent you are at something, the better you become. So it is only natural if you are consistent, you are going to have good results.

5.) Consistency builds discipline

Life isn't always about feeling good. It is about making progress. Discipline means doing what you need to do to make progress, despite whether you get instant gratification. The more disciplined we are, the more likely we are to succeed.

I hope this article shows you some benefits of being a consistent person. Build good habits and see your life change for the better.

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