Letting Go Of Resistance


Last week I discussed letting go of negative emotions with the Sedona Method. This week we are going to dive in a little further. So often in life, we face resistance. When we tell ourselves we should, or we must do something, we create resistance. When we say I can't, or it's too hard, we feel resistance.

Just like other feelings, you can let go of the sense of resistance. Try right now. Find something in the room you are in and welcome the resistance you have towards that object.

For example, welcome the crooked lampshade. Embrace the resistance to the lampshade. How does it feel in your body? Just for now, could you let it go? Would you let it go, and when?

In the last article, we discussed accepting both sides of an issue and canceling each other out. For instance, can you welcome how much you resist the lampshade and how much you accept the lampshade. Now go back and forth until you feel a release.

The lampshade is a silly comparison, but we resist work, exercising, and eating healthy. When you let go of the resistance to life, there is a sense of flow. Life is just easier.

I hope these exercises can help you let go of resistance in your life and give you a sense of flow.

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