My greatest fear is becoming a monster



I have come in contact of people loosing out of themselves and becoming something else and it saddens me to think how come they tends to go ahead and leave their real self then turn into something else.

I know most of them do not know what they are doing as they seems to loose their senses and do not keep theirself again in the right proportion, i used to imagine how it become possible for them not to be theirself again, then I fear of such a thing to myself, just of yesterday, as I was coming back from a friend's house, I saw a married man who carried a big matchet and be chasing at his wife and his two children's were crying but he could not even notice that he has get the hell out of their life's.

The wife ran out of his compound and he keeps on chasing after her, if not for the help of passers-by that stop and separate them, who knows what he would have done to his wife, so I fear things like this that would make people especially men to loose control and will want to harm people around them are the greatest fear I had I pray may I never for once want to hurt my friends and family.

Just as they said, we do not know what we have untill the day we loose them, I imagine fear to be the worst thing that could come into a man's life, a destruction to our innermost heart and a killer of our self worth.

Then I think about this, When the man get to his normal state of mind, how would he face his wife and children, would saying I am sorry to them ever make them to be able to forgive him, because his wife and children would be thinking that some other day, he might still frightened their life again, now he has brought fear into their heart, which would keep showing up in their minds, when they see him.

Some people who were there said what the man did is as a result of high blood pressure, while some believe he has mental illness, yet any of those mentioned could be the reason to this incident, if properly investigation is carried out to check why he chase his wife with a big matchet.

Most of us there sigh of the kinds of things that is happening nowadays, even me i sigh a lot too, but most of all, i fear for this kind of things to happen in my life.