Security consciousness: A way to keep your crypto safe


With the everyday hacking of wallets and websites, it is true that, the best security methods, to used in keeping our cryptos safe, are never a matter to overlook.

Through reading of articles on leofinance, I have been told that opening a link that is not from a trusted domain is at user's risks because that Link, you opened could be a phishing link and from there, you could be hack, which will make you to loose your cryptos.


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We mistakenly open our passwords at times, maybe when we are happy with friends or in a gathering drinking alcohol, then in a situation like this, the only thing that can help us, is maybe if we set a two factor password, that can make theft have a hard time taking our cryptos away.

Two factor password are done with either your phone number, email address and also finger print, but I see that, the one we do with our phone number are the best, you see why it is best, we also add a two factor password, because in case of our passwords leak, two factor password can also safe in keeping our assets safe.

Most of the digital wallet these day have seed phrase, what are seeds phrase: This is are words, giving to you, by the time you create your digital wallet.

These few words would be required if you are to login into your wallet, then if the person were not the owner of the wallet, the theft would have a hard time guessing what phrase it was that you created.

You are to keep your seed phrase safe either write it down with your exercise book.

It is loving that some wallet do not accept easy to guess password, until you make a strong enough password, you would be accepted to create an account, this also prevent hacking.

Also, it is advisable to mind the apps and websites you login, because some apps and websites will just collect all the information on your computer, you must be sure of the sites, that it is trusted before you login frequently, if not you may be hack.

Most people feel so happy when they see an open wifi that is not protected, they would go ahead and connect their device and used it, not like using a free WiFi is bad but sometimes, it has a negative side.

This days new has reached to People's understanding that, connecting your device to an unknown wifi, can give theft a passage for your crypto wallet to be hack, when you connect to it and allow all access to be granted. so, it is not all that encouraging to used wifi we see open.

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