Unity make one lasting community

One mind, make a home and a home is a community, among other things like love, a community is built on unity, it doesn't really mean that the people of a community can be made of the same mother but what it really implies is having one mind and one spirit, together is power, in my hometown, if a member is seen causing problems, he would be denounced and also sanctioned because it would be seen that he does not have a unity mind, without a unity mind, one does not show a mark as a member of the community.

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A companion of a community must be the one who supports another in times of need and also of trials because during this period of offering this help, that is the time that the unity immensely promotes love is being fostered, a few years ago, there were a clash between two city near us, the reason for this clash was because of the land boundaries, it was difficult for the two cities to reach an agreement and their conflicts even affected the people who lived near them, this situation between them led to a lot of ugly occasions where some people would go and embarrass other people so they wouldn't have peace of mind.

However, no member among them can realize the needs to make peace, all they could do was keep claiming that the land belongs to them and not to their opponent, the situation leads to an unnecessary result with each passing day, it's true that when two or more people have one mind, what they can do would be inevitable because their powers will be immeasurable for whoever crosses their path, to go deeper into this concept of community that is what unity can do, it is true that real power of unity make community to achieve this, but we must not use the power of unity to cause calamity and destruction to others.

Just as it happened to the two communities that fought for territorial limits, it is true that they misused the power of communism, because even when they did not manage to make peace with each other, as a community they were strengthened since they walk in one accord. but it was not the best they could do because neither of them put peace in practice, forgetful of peace, explain that you have opened a door for yourself and your city to never live in happiness,

After a long disagreement, it was the government that interfered to resolve their differences, and after the government saw the need for peace between the two communities, it was when the two cities realized that it was very wrong of them to fight each other over a matter that should not even gotten to that extent but the situation should have been amicably resolved without a third party, these days true, the two communities relate so well to accomplish their need.