Qube Gallery Art Exhibit: In Black and White⚫⚪



You find art everywhere. Sometimes,
you become the art.

In many ways we are all art, aren't we?
The exhibit I was able to visit showcased art in black and white. They were portraits turned into paintings. I love how creative the artist is in still depicting emotions in the canvases. Some were bliss but a few were grief and sorrow.

My thoughts on black and white in photography and in paintings:

As a lover of colours I grew up not appreciating black and white "art"/ expression in general. When I would see a photo which is B&W I would often comment something like "the angle this photo is taken's good and there's much emotion here too bad there's no colour it could have been better if it's not b&w".

Before you roll eyes on me let me tell you - I know, right? 🙄 Can you believe it! It was horrid. It was in later years that I finally appreciated black and white. (I guess it was University years that my appreciation grew.)

When I look at art pieces or photographs or watch black and white movies I feel like I am transported to the 50s. I like that there's simplicity in it - not too much colours thus you can truly see the art for what it is.

How about you dear Hive friend? Do you like b&w? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! 🖤

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