The Sunday Night Sportsnerd Show - Offseason? What Offseason?

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The NFL is such a unique league....

For those of us addicted to the sport, there really isn't any off season.

Sure, the regular season doesn't start until September, but that doesn't stop the news from around the NFL.

Plenty to go over this week:

  • Jalen Ramsey traded to the Dolphins

  • Aaron Rodgers to the Jets?

  • Derek Carr to the NFC South

  • Plenty of Buffalo Bills news too lol

So much to go over and we are still a month and a half away from the draft.


What offseason?

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Exactly. The NFL season needs to be extended, way too short. Screw injuries, play hurt. Here's my plan.

First off, we need more teams in smaller markets. Why no team in Kentucky, for instance? We could call them the Podunk Piglets, or something, huge fan base down there!

And your "Canadian" leagues need to be absorbed by the NFL as well. After all, you are the 51st state, right? Might as well make it official! Those Canucks know how to play hurt in hockey, let's fatten them players up and put those skills to good use.

I mean, why no team in Yellowknife? They're just as deserving. And the Northwest Territories (or whatever's left of it), could use some good ol' NFL football as well. Playing on the ice would add a whole new dimension to the game!

Somebody reserve the 'Edmonton Beefeaters' as a name. I hear that state was named after some chick named Albertia or something. Make it so!

Next up: Why should we have to wait until September for the action to begin? After the Superbowl in Feb, give them 30 days off to heal up. Plenty of time! Seasons will be A and B. A is the season you know, B starts in March and runs till August.

That means each team will have two sets of players, and can mix and match as they choose. B will be mostly second stringers, while the marquee players will mostly be used in the "regular" A season. This doubles the amount of football available for us each year, injuries be damned! Sounds like a plan doesn't it? Year-round football, let's make it happen! (sarcasm alert) lol!


ha ha ha ha Edmonton Beefeaters for life!!! My favorite squad ever!!

Great stuff lol