My Asian flowers, Ice Plant and Wild Apple.



Hello Hive, I haven't published for a while, but now I'm happy to be back to posting my photos. Today I want to show you some shots of my most beautiful Asian flowers. The first is a flower of Hylotelephium spectabile is a kind of succulent flowering plant that comes from Asia, especially China and Korea. It is also called by the name of the ice plant. It is very beautiful and resistant, but in winter it disappears completely, only the bulbs remain under the ground, while in spring it begins to vigorously create and then bloom with hundreds of beautiful peeled tomatoes, which can be fuchsia, purple, red, yellow, green .

The other plant is a Japponese wild apple blossom, to stay in the theme of my Asian flowers, here it is used a lot as an ornamental plant, a bush of thorns, which in spring is completely covered with incredible fiery red flowers. It is one of my favorite flowers!

All the images in the post are my property, taken with my SonyAlpha 6000 camera. I hope you enjoyed it, thank you all for taking the time to look at my photos.

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