It's Not Easy to Deal With Frustration



Dealing with frustration is perhaps one of the worst feelings we can have/feel.

The bitter taste in your mouth, the "knee in your throat" for keeping what you should have said and didn't, the shame for feeling cowardly, "incapable", a "useless", even though you know you're not at all.

"What could I have done differently?"

"What could I have said differently to convince the other person that I was capable, that I deserved that opportunity, that chance?"

"I am a 'good person', I didn't deserve the 'no' but the 'yes'. It's not fair!"

These and other thoughts come to mind when dealing with frustration. I know, it's not easy. I deal with frustration that way and maybe that's natural, it's our nature, we're like that.

Despite this "aura" of "lightning and thunder" in our minds after a frustration, we need to look ahead, see things from another perspective.

Perhaps that frustration was liberation from a much bigger problem.

Looking at frustration in this way, perhaps they are welcome.

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