Keep the Repetition.....




The novice ask, how often would I fail, try my luck in this stressful investment/trading? Yes. Many investors or traders become fed up when they do not know what they are opt for or have not set their goals right. They either jumped into trading or investment before realizing what they have to do. They heard that such product or package is booming in the market and they have to also quickly enter the market to scoop same passive income. It's like, a novice in the Bitcoin market who heard from a friend who was already trading that Bitcoin is on the moon. He also tried to buy without first checking the peak of the market. Before becoming aware, the market began to drip on downward move. He began to panic and give up.

Trading is like passing through a needle hole, very tiny to force yourself through. You need to have difficulties passing such a narrow hole. You will have some scratches, pain and suffering. One must be courageous, take the risk.


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The challenges of repetition.

Failure becomes repetitive in cause of trading or investment. First, second and third failure is nothing. You must appear severally but do not decide to disappear in your consecutive failures. There are more chances to better things. Studies show that your continuous failures become good lessons or teachings for you. As you keep consistent, you learn the tricks, the rules and become familiar with the strategies.

Accepting the defeat & learning how to practice well

You only win if you exercise with much patience, timely to be in the market, practicing a reliable strategy would help you to master the good skills in trading or investment. Do not rush to be successful. Many people often fail due the mindset of getting rich 🤑 quickly. Every real investment take time, it's not like getting rich quick in ponzi scheme where many people would be persuaded to push money through and get double or triple profits of their initial capital invested. Follow the Gurus in the trading arena, learn from the successful investors to look know more secrete of their best strategies that led them to be successful.

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