Keeping Eye On Some Promising Tokens/Coins. Leo Would Be Listed In My Diary Soon.



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Many traders or Invested have being focusing on the most popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is no denying the fact that these coins are leading coins, the most traded. This is from the fact that, coin like Bitcoin has existed for so long, hence it is named as "Mother coins." Despite its popularity, it is rated as the most expensive coin. Considering 1BTC buying at $19,207.50. Big time Investors are able to buy more and hold. It becomes difficult low investors to buy and keep.

It become difficult for low investors to be profitable investing in BTC. Especially when the money invested in isn't actual seed capital to hold the BTC for long. The low investor has to sell and exit market during recession and come in again when the bullish triggers. But, Big time investor would buy BTC in bulk hold for years no matter how the bearish time is severe.

Due to this challenge, it is best option to look for some promising smaller coins and tokens. Have you thought having some tokens like "Leo, Hive" or any other smaller crypto coins? You can use few Dollars to get plenty of them. However, some investors may think that those coins or tokens have low price. Since their value isn't how compared to BTC and Eth, their reduction when the entire crypto is bearish isn't much large. When a fraction of BTC fall, it means a lot. This is because BTC is very expensive. Again, when the entire crypto increase, these tokens or smaller coins could move 100%, 200% 300% and so on. But is takes time for BTC to move 100%.



This is the reason why the "first coin to list in my Diary and begin investing is Leo." One of my objective here in Hive is also to invest some promising tokens like Hive and Leo. It is best idea buy leo to power up. It sounds good to get reward from sharing contents and powering my accounts with Leo Tokens.

I want to know how beginners can get involve in LPUD. Where to get Leo if I wish to buy and power up. What amount of Leo would I get supposing I have $10? This is a moment of joy to join Leo promotion.

Thanks for your attention!

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