RE: How soft shell eggs change my perspective towards poultry and farming?

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You always seem to have strong affection and interest in the lower classes of society.

I always have.

We have a strong tendency to ridicule the economic hardship and poverty of farmers. We seem to easily forget that they work hard every day to produce the most important food.

I guess majority of us are programmed that way. I am just thankful that my parents will always remind me and my siblings that everyone plays an important role in our society (regardless of their financial capacity).

I think the Philippines can develop into a developed country if the Filipino farmers become richer than they are today. I think the Filipino farmers should be richer than they are now, so the Filipino food self-sufficiency rate should increase!

There are good laws enacted but poorly implemented for farmers and farming to be profitable. I resonate with you that Filipino farmers should be self-sufficient, but it easier said than done.

Why do you think Filipino politicians are neglecting the poverty of Filipino farmers?

Majority of the politicians are concerned with power and the benefits they get. We can seldom see a true servant among their ranks. I think the reason of neglect of farmer's poverty boils down whether the politicians and their goals can benefit from it. If it won't, they will not prioritized.

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