Discipline in Forex


Many will ask why I have made a post with this name, besides that it has to do with the discipline with Leofinance.

For me the word discipline has everything absolutely everything to do with my work in trading, it is one of my fundamental pillars, something that I must develop daily.
"Discipline is the ability to act orderly and perseveringly to achieve good. It requires an order and guidelines to be able to achieve the desired objectives more quickly, supporting the inconvenience that this causes. ”


Here I will talk about some rules of being disciplined in the forex.

The main one is acceptance, after seeing our mistakes and accepting our indiscipline, it will be easier for us to correct our mistakes and begin to be more disciplined. Each of us would say that we are disciplined even knowing that it really is not like that, I thought it was disciplined but as time went by I realized that it was not, however I could say that I am not yet since I keep making mistakes, but I already recognize them in time and I have been improving.

Know how to lose. If in the day you have two operations closed in negative, do not try to compensate the next operations by increasing the pottage, on the contrary you should start to lower the pottage if you are having a bad day, or I include stop operating that day if you see it necessary.

Being yourself does not match others. Many times we see many successful traders on the network and they tell what their strategies are to operate and we try to copy them, but there may be the possibility that this strategy works for us or not, it is best to develop your own strategy and perfect it.

Only operate tickets with confirmations. At times we think we see tickets in any pair, but out of anxiety, wanting to make money quickly, we make tickets without having any kind of confirmation and this leads to a quick loss.

Don't be greedy. There is a saying, "greed breaks the bag" when we are winning and the operation is fulfilling what was planned we should not let it run to obtain more profits, it is better to close the operation. Avoiding a sharp decline in the market that makes us lose or win, it is best to move the Stop Loss or, failing that, close the operation.

The best of all this is that being disciplined will bring you rewards, with any trade that you open with discipline it will bring you results, good or negative but in the long run it will make you money, trading is not for people who do not like to accept their mistakes and not being disciplined.

"The disciplined person is not born, he is formed"

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