Generation Z - We Don't Have Time: Day 804: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: we are young

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Day 804: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: we are young

I dedicate this post to my grandchild, whom I hope will never see it come to pass.


We are Generaton Z. We Are Young. And, we don't have time.

But the older generations all say, "we are young, we have all the time in the world."

NO, we don't. Not in this world. And we're saying it as loud as we can to anyone who will listen.

We Are Young, and we don't have time. Why? Because,

We Are Young didn’t ask to have to fix our climate change situation. We don't have time to sit around and watch our planet disintegrate before our eyes. Witnessing a protest march for climate change on television in which one of us held a sign saying, "There is no PLANET 'B' ", was unnerving.

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Where will we live if you destroy our planet because of your inappropriate action or inaction? Get your head out of the sand. If We Are Young can see this, then why can't our previous generation see it. We have to save the Planet given to us.

We Are Young didn’t ask to have to fix gun violence in our schools. We weep whenever one of us are gunned down right in front of the others' faces as our friends run for their lives hoping to escape.

Image by Jose Alonso of Unsplash

We are hurting in our collective souls as if the sky has opened up and is exacting its vengence upon us. We will be broken in body and spirit if this continues. Not one more school shooting. Why can't you see what this is doing to us?

We Are Young didn't ask to be killed by drunken drivers. Just because you won't pass laws to get them off our roads where we play, ride to school with our friends on school buses, or accompanyng our parents to shop for our upcoming school year. When is enough of us lying in the streets, pinned in crushed cars, or overturned in our school buses going to be enough of our young lives cut short?

Image by Ian Valerio of Unsplash

We Are Young didn’t ask to have to fix the child hunger crisis. Hundreds of thousands of We Are Young go to bed hungry each night. We are driven out of our homes fleeing with our parents to end up starving in refugee camps. We Are Young cry out to you to hear out plight now.

What We Are Young have learned in this short period of life, is that the previous generations are overly focused on race and need to turn and fix the real problems because:

  • climate is not going to skip over one of us to go to another because one is of a certain race;
  • when we encounter someone with a gun in our school, we’re not going to be spared 90% of the time because the bullet is going to skip over one of us to find another because one of us is of a certain race;
  • when someone who is driving under the influence, they're not going to stop before injuring or killing us with the vehicle to see if one of us is of a certain race; and
  • when hunger strikes one of us, it’s not because we are of a certain race. Hunger is not prejudice. Just look at the world today on all continents in which millions of us are starving or go to bed hungry.

And last, but not least, We Are Young don't have time to sit around and watch our existence as we know it become shattered beyond repair or obliterated by players in the game of "chicken". Remember, our lives are literally in your hands.

Image by Paddy O Sullivan on Unsplash

We Are Young are supposed to be your future. Do you care enough about your future to protect us now? It seems as if We Are Young, want to live on this planet, in this time, and for the sake of our own future and our children’s future, We Are Young WILL DO IT if the last generation WON’T!

But first, we need a voice, a true collective voice. We must first rise up and take advantage of our right to vote now or when the time comes. We must be taken seriously.

You've become the "do nothing" generation to us. And We Are Young don't have time to wait to fix it in the future. We Are Young must do something now before it's too late. How will we be able to take care of ourselves, how will we live since:

Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Yes, We Are Young. But we see enough on the television, social media and in real time that the previous generation put out there for us to see, and to know that in our minds' eyes, if you don't do anything, we will have to do it ourselves, because:

Image by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

THE SOLUTION WILL BE, We Are Young, and we don't have time!



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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It's certainly a time of great turmoil and, hopefully, change.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another! And have a wonderful holiday!

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Yes, it is. Hopefully we can figure it out so the next generation won't have these burdens.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.


Very strong topics you talk about here. You should really use the tags "politics" and "point" so your political posts appears on the new Talking Point Tribe.

Thanks for your well written article!


Hi. Thanks for visiting my post and your comments. Yes, these are very strong topics. Nothing to shy away from. When I started my post, it wasn't intended to be political in nature. Just the facts that we face today. From a young adult's standpoint, this is what they're currently looking at and may have to contend with one day.

Thanks for your tips on the tags to be used if and when I create a truly political post.