Maintaining Focus Whilst In The University

Hy beautiful ladies of Hive, I was just contemplating on what to write for today, then I remembered some of our ladies might have gone back to school as a result of the called-off strike but I will be sharing some rules that guided me whilst in the university till I graduated.


But firstly, here is a brief about life in university.

About the University

University is another world of it's own, it is based on how you play your cards well that you will win for successful graduation.

Some may feel it’s a place of freedom but after some years your parent will ask about your performance, so you have a sacrifice to make in order to come out successful.

Here are six rules guiding a successful graduation from school

Associate with good friends

You cannot do it all on your own, you will meet intellectuals in school, people who you can meet to teach you some courses.


Please associate with them because they will be of help when you are in academic issues.

Never miss classes

It is very important not to stay out of classes; yes you might say you will download tutorial videos to watch later but the way the lecturer explained it might be what he wants in exam which might be different from what was taught in the video.



Do not exempt yourself from classes.

Avoid late night parties

I know some beautiful ladies of hive may ask why I am mentioning this point, I am not saying you shouldn’t attend parties but be smart enough not to stay out on late night event especially in an unknown environment.


@beatrice3em shared a story of how a friend was poisoned but later recovered just because of jealousy from another female friend about a rich guy. You should know where you are coming from and try to ensure whilst you have fun, you keep that in mind.

Don’t be carried away by big boys on campus

It is good to always have rich friends but don’t be carried away by their influence especially if it’s the one that draws your attention away from academics, you might not know the source of their income and hence if you are carried away you might be used as a source of income too because not everyone has true source of income.

Read extensively

There might come a point in time when you want to read but it’s not been assimilated, just look for a place to sleep, then when you wake up, continue. If it applies same, then rule number one is very important. Devote time to read extensively that what makes you perform excellently.

Be prayerful

This point is as important as anything else. It kept me whilst in school and it will keep you also if you try it.


There might be some wicked lecturers who want to get what you have, especially the ones that when you reject their advances, they might even attempt to fail you in their course but prayers will keep you going.

So you firstly need to be closer the creator for your prayers to be heard.

The university world is another globe located in space side, depends on how you lay your bed will determine how you lie on it. If you lay the bed of academics right, you will graduate successfully. I wish you all the best in your academics.


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Thanks for reading.


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Wow, I can remember back in school days, just as you wrote this is how you acted. Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome day.