Staying rich is the goal


It is perfectly normal to see anyone who wants to be a millionaire or a multi millionaire or a billionaire , it is normal to see an individual who wants to be wealthy , who wants to have a desired financial freedom that will make them have access to a better life , that will make it possible for them to take care of their needs and their wants..

Getting rich is a beautiful goal to have no doubt , infact myself is also aiming to become rich but from my observation from the experience of many wealthy people , I have realized that staying rich is often more difficult than getting rich .

I realized that many people can get rich but only few people can STAY RICH , many people lack the financial intelligence to be able to increase their wealth , many people are not able to manage their wealth properly and that made them to later become broke and that might happen within a short time or long time but it is finally happens.

So while you are chasing wealth, also remember that staying wealthy is more important and that is why you need to work on your financial intelligence and discipline so that you will be able to stay rich by the time you finally become wealthy.

Lack of financial intelligence discipline can make you become broke even if you were rich before , so that is why you need to be focused more on how to sustain your wealth..

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