8 things to consider before promoting your post

We always enjoy it when we get attention at our posts; it feels great to see the extra engagement, the comments, the support, the .. rewards :)

Do you believe that you receive enough attention for your posts? Are there any specific actions you do after you click the publish button to bring it forward for more users to read and enjoy your post?



I was surprised to see the extra engagement & suggestions when I asked a simple question at my twitter.

Check it out:

This post has also received more than 1000 impressions and it keeps getting liked and commented on, even if it is already 2 days since posting.

I bet that you have been waiting for a post about Ways of promoting our posts
And to be honest, that was the initial idea

But then it struck me

Should every post be promoted?

Could a promotional action backfire at us?

Is there anything we should consider before promoting our posts?

I believe that there are at least 8 things that we should pay attention to before starting to look for promo ideas :)

Let's go!

What qualities should your post have before considering promoting it?

1. Be original

Your post should have an amount of originality. Yes, I understand that sometimes the news are sooo big that we need to write about subjects, that other writers choose, but we cannot copy their ideas or the articles that are on the news and post them here.


What is on your mind these days? What are you reading about / studying?
Is there a matter you wish to explore? Do your part, write about it and ask some questions at the end of your post. I bet you will receive some replies and extra insights!

2. Check the credibility of your theme

You may have seen something in the news, heard something from a friend, or read something on twitter. How cool is this! News traveling so quickly!
Is the news actually true?

Search online for sources to prove that what you 've heard is true.
They should come from credible links, so make sure you find at least a couple of them and it will not hurt if you put them in your posts :)

3. Include some personal statement

Point of View. Your point of view.

Try to be subtle, but do include some kind of personal statement in your post.
Ask yourself "Why should someone read my post, if the same info can be found someplace else?" What is going to make your post unique, is your personal opinion.

Attention though: If you are talking crypto, tokens etc, make sure you add somewhere that it is not financial advice. The reader should always do their own research before any actions.

4. Did you check for typos?

This may seem funny, but even if English is our first language (for most of us it is not), there are plenty of grammar or typo mistakes that a writer does when they write their article.

Always re-read it, better yet find one more friend to read it for you :)

5. (If possible) - Let the post be well-structured

It does not matter if a post is short or long, it matters that your reader will want to read it, to understand it, and that they will remember it :)

I had written a post back in the days, 'Synthesis of a blog post' and you can check it out here

You can take a look and remember to include

  • a catchy title
  • a short and comprehensive intro
  • a cohesive and full body text
  • a conclusion


This link also includes very useful and detailed information about writing a well structured post

6. Images

Images are very important for a post. They provide quick information and 'rest' the reader's eyes from too much text.

Be extra cautious, use imagery that you are allowed to use online or create your own.
I use canva.com most of the times to create images & info for my posts.

7. Value

The post should provide value to the reader.
This is why all the above matter. Originality, your point of view, an easy to read structure etc

Some of the questions to ask yourself.
Why should anyone read my post?
Will they learn something new?
Will the win something?
Will they be entertained?
Will they enjoy it?
Will they feel that the 3-5 minutes spent on my post were well-spent?

Also, consider this.
How can you ask for people to support your post if you do not provide some kind of value?

8. Engage

You are not alone here :) But I guess you knew this!
How can you expect people to notice you if you do not notice/support any other users here?

Find communities/content you like, read and comment on their posts! Many of them will come to check out your profile and posts too!

But make sure that you keep the engagement sincere, original and thoughtful.
The same things above are also valid for your comments :))

Attention is your most valuable asset

As Garry Vee has said

But to achieve it, it takes time :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.
Did I leave anything out?
Do you believe I am too strict, are the above too much to ask for?

Thanks so much for visiting my post

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Remember to check out my post about supporting Hive at the Cryto Awards

p.s. one way to promote a post of yours is to add a link at the end ;)

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