Are Werewolves Real


I have been thinking infact i was not thinking i was wondering “Are Werewolf's Real”? This just popped out my head while i was on that series Teen Wolf although i have watched it before now but i am so in love with the film i had to watch it the second time all over, I will be realistic it doesn't fade still interesting as it has always been infact watching made me began to have deep thoughts about werewolf being real.

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I watched the movie again and it made me to understand that it is not just about werewolf, It made me understand that they are humans who are supernatural we all know what that is all about it is said to be something more a force beyond science or any law of nature it's extraordinary in a nutshell. This is what we'll see in the movies or series but have you ever had a deep thought that this could be real or maybe another mythology.

Well if you asked me i will say it looks and it also sounds real to me most people will say i am going haywire but the truth is am not kind of read in a book sometimes ago and in that book it was actually convincing me that this werewolves are actually real i was reading it and i also came up with a part in the book it says an age 11 to 15 years can turn into one if beaten that means there is a tendency that they turn fast without no stress.

It is folklore they said but at the same time I am thinking it is real I might be exaggerating i might be saying the right thing, This couldn't just be a folklore supernaturals do exist even around us i once had a class mate who had a magnetic body that spoon sticks on he's own body. I was amazed but at that time we didn't realize at that time but writing this just made it trigger my memories, That supernatural it's beyond science and natural things.

This is werewolves are haven't been found it is said that mythology says it's located some where in the eastern Europe folklore. This is why i want to believe that werewolves could be real, Stories been told from generation too generation might have a truth to it well i am hoping i am not wrong about this maybe i am write that werewolves are really or better still what do you think i will take opinions on my comment section.