Déjà vu Is A Thing

You know growing up wasn't easy for me but I will be glad to say i did conquer, As a boy there's this feeling i usually have i never knew what it was called either but as a boy then i will always see some things and it will look like I have seen that thing happened before or I have seen that thing some how before but i never knew what it actually meant but it happened over and over again, I will see a thing happen i surly tell some one at my side that this have actually happened before and they would look at me like am going crazy or something but I was in effect telling them to the truth about it.

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Déjà Vu is supposed to be a one of the superpowers humans have or should i say posses because it happened one day, I was going to be hit by a car and just like that I took precautions and just like that I escaped death it was because i had Déjà Vu of it if not my story might have been told short. Now if we look at the true meaning of Déjà Vu you are going to be very surprised that it almost sounds like a superpower.

What is Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is when someone have a feeling that they have lived their present Life before and still in it but the meaning in a simplest form is you having a feeling that you have already experience the present circumstances. Which is true because Déjà Vu happens to me even from the time i was a boy and it was my friend Tobi who made understand that it is called Déjà Vu if not i might still be wondering up until now.

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That day i could remember vividly we were having a freestyle battle at each other and yeah i do write song's before and i was aspiring to be come a musician someday but that day never came but am glad am still alive to chase other dreams. Back to my story we just having a freestyle battle then suddenly a pin pierced he's hand though it wasn't deep but it felt like i saw it happening and i said to him i have seen these happen before he said really and i was like i don't know why it keeps on happening to me then he said what I am having is called Déjà vu.

He was like it happens to him it was Tobi who made me understand that Déjà vu was a real thing and not just a wrong feeling he said he happens to everyone not just me that was when i came to a realization that Déjà vu is a thing.