Have The World Failed Us Or We Failed The World

I have been thinking throughout, It have been bothering me are we to blame for the evil going on in this world at large or something is not right with we the humans.

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There are so many bad things in this world happening many have lost their sanity, What supposed to be evil is being applaud and it begins to sink in my head like is this normal or have humans in a bad way totally lost it and I can tell you that it is all over the whole world.

This world we are evil is being an embraced thing the good is been mocked and don't you see that as a taboo because the good we do is supposed to be applaud and it should not be mocked. I don't like the fact that people now let evil in them and allow it rule over them it is very awful and very very bad.

The world hasn't failed us in any way we humans failed the world and i will like to prove that by this word “Never give room for evil in your heart” Spiritually most of the humans on earth have chosen to not follow the ways of their lord Jesus Christ. Because we know evil from good and we still go on to do evil that means we have failed the world and the father in heaven.