Having A Tinted Glass Is Not Always The Best

I have been having a very deep thought and i came to understand that somethings that we think are the best have it's disadvantage. I'm going to really open our minds to what i have been thinking about lately i know most of us if we were to to have our own cars we would want it to be tinted.

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Tinted is really good but it's disadvantage it's high if I was too have a car I would prefer a non tinted i know some of us would say what is he saying who won't want a tinted glass on their cars, Well it cool to have tinted on cars but have you ever thought deep about the dis advantage it could give, I will be blunt with us because i will be giving my reasons by telling you all a short story.


There was a man who bought a car because he has always wanted it and he loved the car to the extent he gave it attention as if it was a baby well there's no who doesn't treat their cars that way if i was too have one too I will do same this man was always cruising with he's car everywhere. He will take it to work i mean he was always obsessed about the car one day he left and he didn't return back.

There was a news that he was in the car and a sudden heart attack he was choking but he couldn't be seen because he had he's car on tinted and people were not able to see him while he was choking in the car, If they saw him he might have been alive and wouldn't have been dead. But the tinted glass was so dark that no one can see anything going on in that car.

If he had a non tinted he would have survived and won't be dead by now this is a true life story this particular man was my neighbor he was a good man but tinted glass reduced he chance of surviving having tinted is not the best to use for a car or any place sometimes we need a visual glass for our car so that we can be saved in case of any danger that may occur, I was watching on Instagram just last month a white was saved from same thing he was has a heart attack but was seen by a nurse luckily for him he was restored he had no tinted so he was spotted immediately.

This is why i advice people tinted glass ain't the best to use and if you want to use it may be you should try leaving the glass down, If you leave it down at intervals you will might survive any attack because people will be able to spot if there is any danger.