Network Or Not Work


All networks in Nigeria is having same issue i mean bad network inability to browse on the internet. I must say it's been a while myself i had internet browsing issues, The issue was all the network in Nigeria going haywire but i am here to talk about my own network GLO. I am a proud customer of glo network but in this few days i might take back that title and i might bestow it on a different network soon.

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I have been unable to browse for three days i was very aggrieved i guess we all know how i felt because we youths of this generation we can't really do without our phones to be true i can't really last a day without my phone for I the phone is like my work shop, My own work space so i feel sometimes without my phone i can't really connect with the world or make money so my phone is a value asset to me at this moment.


How can a network be bad for three days too the extent i can't even send WhatsApp text, I hope y'all know it can actually damage what i do online my perfume online business so it is also obvious that the network is important in our daily activities, I was still aggrieved and i know some of my potential customers would have tried to reach out to me but no network coverage though some reach out on phone, I am sure you know that most people prefer a WhatsApp communication like myself i don't call much because i feel WhatsApp can only be the fastest way and easiest way to reach out to anyone from anywhere definitely i will have a customer who will never want to call but WhatsApp.

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I have a theory concerning why the network went bad for days it might the paradox of it i don't know but my instincts tells me that this might be the reason. Why am i saying this it's almost same time the whole Nigeria network went bad but all got back to resolving it fast i don't know why my own network Globacom remained with the issue so i was so so tired to await then i Called the customer service it was a lady who picked it then i complained i told her I couldn't browse for 2days now and she was like take it off and put it on back and that is my phone she was talking about i did like she said but it became worse so i stayed without calling back hoping something might actually change.

Nothing changed and i was more aggrieved i already had plans on changing the network I don't know what got inside me i decided that I'll chill a little maybe they're working on 5G. I was patient it was today which is the 4th day i decided to call the customer service again, It was a lady who picked again and i was like what is going been having network issues for days now and she was like they are working on it and i was like if y'all don't do something I'll switch to other networks. She was like we are working on it sir as soon as you end the call a message will come in switch off your phone and put it on i did that behold in less than 20min i was back online Globacom are actually the best network.