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This was a shock to me when i came across the post made by @rubencress he made me understand that HIVE is not on Wikipedia it is a shock to me as we speak to be honest, I've seen the post somewhere before but i didn't want to believe until i saw rubencress for me he is a right source, I went through he's post and he made understand that some other are using HIVE on Wikipedia and they're the logo and it is just a brand not a Blockchain.

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This is no disinformation, It is as real as you when you see the aeroplane on air i was not happy about it why wasn't i happy about it ? I have always seen HIVE to be the best of the best Blockchain on earth but now knowing it is not even on the Wikipedia search engine is that not surprising to you, I know it is now I'll urge us to help HIVE get to Wikipedia that is the plan, It was said by @rubencress that he saw a tweet made by @acidyo he said that made him down and he thought bonkers and you and i know that we would do same if we came across that same post.

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He said it would be a lot for HIVE so what he wants is for us to help HIVE get up there on the search engine Wikipedia, You will see all on he's post Help with Hive getting added to Wikipedia in he's post he guiding us on how we can help HIVE get on Wikipedia it will be so lovely if HIVE can get on Wikipedia it will be a win win for we all I will love for we all to join this so that HIVE can go viral and there won't be another brand out there using our, it logo which is the HIVE logo.

Please go to he's content and make sure you support the moving train we are going to grip what is ours and make HIVE go on live there on Wikipedia.