A wonderful butterfly sitting on my hand

Hello All Insect And Nature Lovers!

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. And you are healthy and safe.Today I am sharing with you a wonderful moment. Which I was able to spend some good time with a butterfly while walking through the ground in the afternoon a few months ago.




I was walking through the land of Dhaincha trees a few months ago. Suddenly I saw a wonderful butterfly in front of my eyes. The butterfly was sitting on the leaves of the dhancha tree. As I proceeded, it flew from one leaf of the dhaincha tree to another. It was amazing to see this butterfly on the green leaves.

I slowly approached the butterfly and started photographing it. But it flew away and after a while it flew away and landed on my hand. I can't express in words how much I loved that moment!






Thus the butterfly sat on my hand for a while and I enjoyed that moment as well as did some photography of it. It was truly a wonderful moment. Then as soon as I waved my hand it flew away.

I enjoy walking on the streets or in the middle of the fields almost every afternoon. So I go for a walk almost every afternoon and see different types of insects while walking. Which I like quite a bit and occasionally enjoy that moment as well as do some photography.

This post is totally plagiarism free and All the pictures taken by me

Picture typeInsect Photography
DeviceSamsung Galaxy J7
Photography typeAn Amazing Butterfly Photography
Focal length3.6 mm
Photo LocationCumilla, Bangladesh

Much Love And Best Wishes To All


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