How important is physical labor for good health?


"Health is the root of all happiness." We are all familiar with this proverbial sentence. But we have to follow some rules for our health. Apart from eating, we need some daily physical labor for good health.

You are the happiest person in the world but if your health is not healthy then that happiness has no value! Unhealthy people are like a mirage. Because if your health is not healthy then it will feel temporary like a mirage. Everything seems meaningless if health is not healthy. There is no peace in anything.

And if we want to stay healthy, we must work hard. Because hard-working people seem like a lot of wax to me. When it gets a little hot, it starts melting like wax. Similarly, people who do not work hard get tired of a little bit and at the same time suffer from many physical complications. There are many people who do not do manual labor and spend lazy time lying down all day. In their case, many suffer from a variety of complex physical problems. I have also seen many people who spend their time lazily get short of breath.

I have seen in my own case, when I am at home completely resting for a few days, that is, I do not do any work or walk, I suffer from various physical ailments. Honestly, if I don't walk at least in the afternoon or in the morning, I feel pain in the back of my body. For which I have to walk. Also I have noticed most of the time my body stays well when I do some physical work. I feel much healthier when I do some regular physical work. But when I spend lazy time, I start to feel different kinds of physical problems.

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Honestly, we all need some physical work in our life. And this physical work will keep us physically and mentally healthy. However, at present it is seen that many people do not want to do manual labor. They think they can be happy without manual labor. In other words, they are happy only if they can spend time lazily without physical labor. But after spending some time in this way, various complex problems appear in their body due to which they can no longer feel happy. So we must do manual labor to maintain our good health. This will keep us physically and mentally healthy.

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