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Happy Wednesday Walk!

Welcome back after seven days my beloved community #wednesdaywalk . Anyway Hopefully everybody is well with the great mercy of Creator. I am also fine. Today I am sharing some moments which I captured some moments on my mobile's camera this morning on my way to work and while walking to work. I hope you enjoy these moments of mine and my photography.



Shortly after waking up in the morning and having breakfast, I set off for my institution. I work as a teacher in a school and the institution has been open since last 12 September after the school was closed for a long time. My workplace is in the village next to mine and because I am in the village I have to walk. My workplace is about a kilometer away from my home. Walking along the street in a rural environment is something really awesome. Due to the green environment and cool shade all around, there is not much fatigue while walking.




On my way to school in the morning, I see this flower on the side of the road. The flower is really amazing to look at. It looks a lot like Mike, so it's called Mike Flower. The flower usually blooms in the morning and shrinks in the heat of the sun as it grows in the afternoon. There were so many beautiful flowers in a few trees on the side of the road which was really captivating.







Then at the end of the school class I had to stay in the institution for a long time. Although there was no such work. So while walking on the school porch and on the roof, I noticed some white clouds in the sky that looked a lot like paintings. I tried to capture the top of a tree from the roof and some scenes of nature on my mobile camera.

Then I set off for my home again. I do some photography on the way home. There was still plenty of sunshine outside, so my body was sweating as I came back from school. So I am having lunch and resting now and writing content.

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I am Md. Kawsar Hasan. I am Bangladeshi and proud to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi because I love my country so much. Because this is my motherland. I am engaged in the teaching profession. When I can teach my students something new, I have a different feeling. I also like to learn and do something new every day, I like to mingle with new people and like to learn something new. I always think of myself as a student of nature. Because we have a lot to learn from nature. I just try small to learn. I love to travel. A lot can be learned from nature through travel. Love to learn and write. I have been trying to write since I was a child and that is why I often fall behind in writing. I try to respect people. I think if you respect someone, your self-esteem does not decrease but increases.

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The wonders of nature flowers and clouds love it

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)
Do if you have time check out some of the other walk posts, its like a wee break from your day to day reality