Tree planting || A small effort to keep the world healthy

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Hopefully everyone is well by the grace of the Creator. And everyone is having a great time in their respective positions. I'm fine too. Today I will talk to you about tree planting and environmental pollution, I hope you like it.

At present our world is completely sick. Not just for the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Every year countless people are being attacked and killed due to the pollution of our earth's environment and our atmosphere. And as a result of this environmental pollution, people in many countries are under threat.





If we look at the current weather or climate of the world, we can understand that our world is facing a threat day by day. As a result, as biodiversity is being destroyed, it is becoming unsuitable for our comfortable living. At a time when temperatures are constantly rising, living on Earth will become a threat to us. This is because rising temperatures are likely to melt all the ice on the continent of Antarctica at some point and cause the lowland countries to sink.

So who is responsible for this environmental pollution? Such questions will last a lifetime. But none of us are taking the right steps. As a result, the problem is growing day by day and we are not moving towards a solution. For example, many countries are currently facing drought or excess rainfall due to climate change. As a result, many are facing losses. In any case, with a little effort from all of us, our world will be healthy.



And that requires tree planting. Because just as planting a tree helps us with flowers and fruits, it also gives us cool shade and provides oxygen to keep the earth healthy. Then our world will be healthy even if it is a very small part.

Moreover, trees are deeply involved in every activity of our lives or in our daily lives. Without which the world we know cannot be imagined even for a moment.

We all know that all animals depend on plants for food, but we also need oxygen for breathing, which is provided by trees.




Moreover, trees serve as one of the means to protect us from any natural disaster. Moreover, they play an important role in preventing land erosion, excessive rainfall, drought or maintaining the normal state of the atmosphere.

Looks like it provides the oxygen we need to breathe and plays the most important role in maintaining the balance of the earth. My very small effort is to plant a tree to keep the earth healthy and to keep every animal living on the earth healthy. Because it is a fruit tree and from the seeds of this fruit many more seedlings can grow and thus many trees can be spread.

So let's plant at least one tree in the morning and heal the earth. Because it is not a single effort but a joint effort that will one day make our world healthier and safer. And that is why tree planting will play one of the most important role.

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