You should see more sad people than us to forget your own sadness!

Every human being in this world is miserable. We are not the only people in the world who suffer the most. In my opinion, every human being in the world is miserable. Maybe the amount of grief is more or less.

But the reality is that we always magnify our own sorrows. With a little sadness we become frustrated. And we express our little sorrow to everyone in a huge way. We always think we are the only miserable people in the world. In other words, our sorrow is greater than all the people of the world.

But we never think that people can be more miserable than we are. Those who have no arms or legs or are disabled must be living in more hardship than us. There are also people who can't eat three meals a day or wear clothes of their choice. We are certainly not sadder than them.

There was a summary when I was a student of in high school. One boy asked his father to buy him shoes. But his father did not buy his shoes. Then he was very sad and at one point he left the house and went away. Then he found himself in a very sad way. As he was walking, he once stood under a tree. After a while he noticed a man sitting who did not have a leg.


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The boy began to repent on his own. The boy thought to himself, "I'm sorry I don't have shoes." I feel sorry for not having little shoes. But the man has no legs. But the man is smiling. He doesn't feel sorry for himself because he doesn't have legs. So the boy forgot his grief and went back home.

To be honest we have that sadness in our lives. Many people have more grief than we have. So we can forget our own sorrow by seeing the sorrow of others without magnifying our own sorrow. That's why we should visit some institutions where we will be sad if we go. For example, from time to time we can visit orphanages or hospitals. Where we can see how helpless and miserable people are than us. And if we see their sorrow, we hope that our sorrow will go away.

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I am Md. Kawsar Hasan. I am Bangladeshi and proud to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi because I love my country so much. Because this is my motherland. I am engaged in the teaching profession. When I can teach my students something new, I have a different feeling. I also like to learn and do something new every day, I like to mingle with new people and like to learn something new. I always think of myself as a student of nature. Because we have a lot to learn from nature. I just try small to learn. I love to travel. A lot can be learned from nature through travel. Love to learn and write. I have been trying to write since I was a child and that is why I often fall behind in writing. I try to respect people. I think if you respect someone, your self-esteem does not decrease but increases.

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