Crypto Faucets – Is it worth it for me

This year has been a first for many of my online adventures. I had heard of Crypto Faucets before but I never thought of exploring any of them. Until I started with Cointiply. It was straight forward. And all you had to do was roll the faucet, take part in surveys, play games and more.

Crypto Faucets are not a full-time income stream. But if you use it when you are anyways on the computer, not doing any serious work, you can earn some coins but these coins don’t add up to quite a bit every month. So, if you do plan to use Faucets, then here is my opinion, don’t spend too much time on it, and enjoy the coins you earn. I spend about 30 minutes on faucets in a week.

So here is a list of the Faucets that I have used this year and I will let you know if I will continue using them.

  1. Cointiply – Well, when I started using faucets, I spent too much time on Cointiply. But now, it is not so much. I roll the faucet a couple of times, view PTC ads and I don’t make as much as the minimum withdrawal limit, so it takes about 2 months for me to withdraw funds into my exchange. I will continue to use it, still only for PTC. But I don’t log in every day. I will log in only when I have absolutely nothing to do.

  2. Faucet Crypto – This is one of those sites, I login almost every day. I click the PTC ads and sometimes, I view music videos, when I am working online. I must admit I have earned quite a bit of LTC coins from Faucet Crypto. I will continue using this at least for the next couple of months.
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  3. Final Autoclaim – This is something I have started using very recently and I use it for USDT. I click PTC ads maybe once a week, and on the weekends when there is a 20% bonus, I use the dutchy to claim USDT. I have claimed BNB as well in the past.
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    There is a SPACE token faucet linked to the Dutchy corp, You can earn upto .45 SPACE tokens, and have about 25 claims per day. If you want to claim some SPACE tokens consider using my referral code - CODE

  4. Idle-empire – I use this faucet when I remember to do so. I earn from taking part in surveys and that’s about it. This reminds me to use this more often I guess, since I like Idle-empire.
    If you want to create an idle-empire account, do consider using my referral link, I do make a commission from this - CODE

  5. Freebitco – I enjoy using freebitco. I am nowhere close to making a withdrawal. But I will continue using the Freebitco.
    If you want to create an Freebitco account, do consider using my referral link, I do make a commission from this - CODE

In conclusion, I have earned 1 LTC so far this year. I will continue using crypto faucets when I remember to. But I wont be spending more than an hour a week on the Crypto Faucets, because then, it is absolutely not worth it for me.

Thank you for reading.

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