Hive Goals Progress – October


It was sometime in August that I created Hive goals for September through December. And since it’s been 2 months since I set goals, I wanted to put on paper and monitor my goals, so I know where I need to work on. There’s 2 more months until the end of the year, so I am going to pull up my socks and start working more towards my goals.

Hive Power

Well, this looks like such a short growth, but it is what it is. No excuses. No complaints. I think my focus will have to stay on engagement. So apart from just focusing on my Hive Power goals, I am going to measure my engagement going forward. I am just not very sure yet, how to do that, but it is something on my mind.

Here is what I was at in August vs where I stand now.



Listnerds Tokens


I am growing slowly on Listnerds, But I am really thankful that almost all my sent emails are being verified and I am earning tokens for them. I am on the basic plan and I can send only one email in a week but that is how I will let it be until I can accomplish my set goals.

CTP Tokens
I have not grown much CTP on Listnerds. This is because I have been transferring out my CTPs to my Hive Engine Wallet. I will pause my CTP growth on Hive Engine, once I have about 200 CTP on Hive Engine and then go back to focusing on growing CTP on Listnerds.



I have achieved my year end goals for CTP and LOLZ tokens. Any additional tokens, I will continue to stake on Hive Engine.

I would like to think I did pretty decent on the LEO and Alive tokens as well. But I still have a long way to go. I am pretty optimistic; I should be able to achieve more towards my goals by the end of the year.



Yes. I achieved AFIT and INDEX token goals for the year. My next focus will be the Workerbee tokens. And Swap.Hive will just have to wait.

Thank you for reading.

All photos are my own.

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