Index4Index - Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.


My submission for #index4index challenge today is a quote from Isaac Newton.
"Men build too many walls and not enough bridges"

This quote was penned many a decades ago but it feels more truer today than the when it was written.

Studies has shown that we are lonelier today even though we are connected to everyone at the touch of a button. We have options to stay connected instantly no matter where the other person is located. And yet, we are disconnected to everyone.

Only if we could let down our guards, be real and build bridges that have never existed or rebuilt burned bridges, make meaningful conversations, and care genuinely, would we not be able to reduce much of what we think are problems in our heads, if not all of them.

But when we live in a society, it is quite the task to be happy when we hold grudges, are judgmental and rude or simply have a bad attitude towards everything. Change your perspective a little today. Look at things for what they can be and not sulk today for what it is. Happiness, I agree is a state of mind, but Happiness is also an attitude: a positive attitude. I have many inspirations or should I say subtle reminders to stay positive through the day and I am thankful I am learning to identify them and staying on track. Thank you @bradleyarrow for giving me a lesson through your posts, that I don’t have to sit and wait for the world to fall into place but take charge of my world by simply changing how I look at a situation.

Not just individuals, societies, communities and countries even, when an issue can be resolved by discussions, we choose the easy way out – resentment and violence.
The impact of our decisions can last us our lifetime, and some bad decisions we make can be burdensome for life. And as we go deeper and deeper through this rabbit hole, we are all so alone.

Thank you for reading.

All photos are my own.
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Thank you for the mention 😀 and I am extremely happy with your kind words 😊