Index4Index - The Purpose of Our Lives is to be Happy.


My today’s submission for the Index4Index initiative is a quote from the Dalai Lama ‘The purpose of our lives is to be happy’.

As simple as it sounds, it is easier said than done. We live much of our time trying to please others, some of whom we know and many others we barely know at all.

I think what the quote really means is that we can’t find happiness from anything external. The happiness that comes from anything external to the self, is short lived and when the happiness is wearing off, we look to anything else that might come along to make us happy again. But when we shift the focus of finding happiness to within ourselves, it can seem confusing. But the more we train our minds to be happy with what we have and what we are blessed with, then there is no external sense of happiness that matches it.

Irrespective of where we are, with whom we are and at what phase of our lives we are in, the easiest way to find happiness is to look for what is most obviously in front of us. Life has its ups and downs, but no matter how easy or hard our journey may seem, we can choose to be happy. Simply choose to celebrate what you have in life.

Being happy with what we have does not mean, we should have no goals and ambitions. Dream big and work towards them and don’t work half heartedly and enjoy the results whatever they are.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to be happy. Circumstances around us may seem uncertain and times may be difficult but always remember, that nothing stays the same. Stay motivated, be kind with your words and always wear that smile. The most important takeaway should be not to take life too seriously and while it lasts for us, to be the best versions of ourselves.

Thank you for reading.

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