Money Talks; Questions that fill up our daily life.


I did a little unsophisticated digging in my part of the world and the result I got made me reach a range of conclusions about the question that fills up an average Nigerian's daily life. The questions are mostly about;

  • How to eat 3 decent meals per day.

  • How to pay rent.

  • How to squeeze out savings from their income.

Each of these can easily be traced back to the fact that money is a limited resource. This fact is giving people a lot of headaches and it has become fairly obvious that anyone that doesn't have sufficient money to take care of his needs and wants will end up facing a lot of existential financial problems.

Think about that for a minute...

Money is at the heart of most things that happen in the world and people's standard of living can get a lot better when they have more money. Perhaps, this could be why it's no longer uncommon to see people who fight and even die for money.

Some push themselves to the point of doing multiple jobs, cutting down on their sleeping time, maintaining a poor feeding schedule and a lot more... All in the bid to make as much money as possible.

This begs the question of what we can do to always have some money to fall back to.

Let's explore them;

1. Get something to do and make money off that thing.

This is as simple as that. There is no way you will make money if you don't expose yourself to take money-making opportunities whenever it presents itself. Some go into the corporate world to get a job and earn a salary while others may go the route of monetizing whatever skill they have. Whatever works for you is acceptable.

2. Have your priorities straight whenever you have to spend money.

This point cannot be overemphasized. The mistake most people make when they finally have a way to make money is that they end up blowing so much of that money on things that doesn't tick as priorities. It's okay to change your wardrobe and all that, but if you are spending 50% of your earning on that every time you make money, you would have to rethink that decision.


This goes without saying that we should be mindful of our expenses. Cut them down to a reasonable figure and make sure you are spending money on things that are worth it. This will surely help you to always have some money to fall back to.

3. Put away some emergency funds.

Whether we like it or not, there are some times when we will be in an emergency where money will be needed for us to make the best of the situation. It could be a sudden investment opportunity that promises a good return. It can also be an emergency expense that urgently needs to be taken care of.

Having some emergency funds can be very helpful in such situations. Make no mistake though... It's not easy to save up for an emergency, but it's a very important thing to do. It takes discipline to achieve it so, always try to take out a percentage of whatever you earn and save that up for unforeseen circumstances.

Taking note of these things and putting them into practice will make it easier for us to have some money to fall back to when it matters most.

Do you know of other things we can do to always have some money to fall back on? Feel free to mention those in the comment section.

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