The Construction of the Fence for the Chayote Plant

The beginning of building a fence for Chayote has not been easy. First, you need the right height and length of the fence and you also need to consider the place where the fence will be built. Because the length of wood I have is limited and the wood I have is also limited.

I’m no longer thinking about how I’m going to make this arbor? I just rely on the materials I have and the wall where I will stick the wood.

My garden area is easy to notice because it is in an open area, so other people often visit to take a picture. I also maintain cleanliness in this area and make sure no clutter and plastic fly over my plants.

And did you know that not everything has been easy? I experienced that I accidentally hit my fingernail with a hammer 5 times! Fortunately, my fingernail didn't die, but it hurt and turned a little black!

And because I use an aluminum ladder, it sometimes sinks into the sand. I immediately made way for it not to sink because I once fell down the stairs when it sank. I just take a wide stone or marble to put under the foot of the stairs.

You can see in the picture what I am doing. This is the final! Placing fiber rope over the wood around the nail that is on top of the fence. This will serve as a hanger for the Chayote branches when they grow and creep. This rope is durable because it is made of ABACA.

It's also tiring so even at noon I just had coffee and bread instead of rice and meat. They call someone like me who is resting and sitting is, Don Pepot! Haha. Why? Because they're used to be a rich man in the Philippines whose name was PEPOT! Hahaha.

Anyway, let's go back to work! LOL

Do you see the nail or screw where I twist the rope lengthwise. That has not been easy to install. I even had blisters on my hand and fingers and had a few cuts on my hand. However, I knew it was worth all the effort and hard work I put into it.

I also used a Hand Staple Gun to make the strap fit more firmly in the middle. When attaching a rope to a screw or nail, it must not be too tight so that the rest of the rope does not sag.


So far, I have planted two of the three Chayote and only one is left. The third Chayote grew too late, maybe the third Chayote I got wasn't good? However, everything is in order and I'm just digging 2 more holes for my papaya crop.

Keep an eye out for the next progress of my garden! The next thing you will see is my pumpkin and sweet potato crops including Chayote.