Bitcoin Breaks 30K: Unpacking Collateralized Loans & Future Projections | Crypto Strategy 2023

In this video, we dive headfirst into the world of Bitcoin as it cracks the 30K barrier for the first time in 2023! We'll navigate through the short-term consolidation breakout, and ponder potential resistance at the 31.5K-32K range. Join us as we chart the course for Bitcoin's potential ascension to a staggering 32K and beyond.

Our host, Cat, shares her hopes for Bitcoin's future consolidation, while our resident crypto whiz, Khal, unravels the intricacies of collateralized loans. We'll explore groundbreaking apps like Oasis and Maker Dao, which are revolutionizing the way we borrow against Bitcoin.

We'll also uncover why collateralized loans can make you look like a financial savant in a bull market, as Bitcoin's value skyrockets, leaving your debt in the dust.

We're not just talking about it; we're putting these theories to the test! Join us as Khal runs through various scenarios, where Bitcoin's rise to 58K or 100K could result in a vault value worth hundreds of thousands.

In these scenarios, we'll discuss strategies, like how selling a mere 25% or even 15% of your vault could wipe out your debt, depending on Bitcoin's performance. We'll also contemplate whether it's prudent to sell a small amount of Bitcoin to clear off debts or generate more stablecoin.

Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the future of Bitcoin and the smartest strategies to maximize your crypto wealth!

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