Chain Chatter Clip: Our Advice for First Time Crypto Entrepreneurs

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Bear markets are indeed the best time to build a project in the crypto space. That being said, it also can be really tough. It's tough to find funding and it's tough to find product market fit.

That being said, you can find a lot of benefits in the bear market. Building quietly and dilligently is a great thing. In fact, I wrote a post just the other day about how Hive achieves this on a blockchain level and why I think that is super beneficial .

In this clip, we talk about how to build your first crypto project:

  • Joab: Test the waters with a project that is not too ambitious too early
  • Find a trusted dev to get things off the ground, the cofounder is key to be able to depend on things you can’t do by yourself
  • Admit you can’t do it all alone
  • Set a plan and take small steps at first to achieve a greater goal
  • Adrian: Find a ‘why’ for the ideas that come to the table
  • Conceptualize the ideas, give them form before actually doing them
  • Just get started, learn in the process, the web3 allows this
  • Collabs are easy to find, just set to it
  • Crypto allows starting up an idea for non-experts, so many tools in the space
  • Don’t wait for a better market, people, tools, just get it started. Doing great things attract the right people
  • The vision can change as the tech progress and things change
  • Resilience is the #1 advice for crypto entrepreneurs starting anything
  • Example of the tree in the storm. Nothing wrong with changing the vision

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